Maple Tahini Overnight Oats

Maple Tahini Overnight Oats

Zoey Li

It's always fun to switch thing up and try something new. Recently, I tried adding tahini to my oats after coming across a tahini - maple syrup overnight oats recipe. My experiment was well rewarded - it was seriously delicious

What is Tahini?

For those less familiar with tahini, it's a paste made of ground sesame seeds. It's used in Middle Eastern dishes like hummus or tahini dressing, and baked desserts, and has a consistency similar to nut butter.

Why use Tahini in your oats?

Tahini contains more protein than milk and most nuts. It's a rich source of B vitamins that boost energy and brain function, vitamin E, which is protective against heart disease and stroke, and important minerals, such as magnesium, iron and calcium. Switch things up, instead of using a scoop of peanut butter in your oats, try adding a scoop of tahini instead with this Maple Tahini Overnight Oats.

ingredients maple tahini overnight oats


Add 1/3 cup of soy milk to a packet of Yumi Maple Cranberry Overnight Oats. Refrigerate overnight. Prior to eating, add 1 tbsp Tahini (make sure it is well stirred before using)  and 1 tbsp of white chocolate chips.


enjoy maple tahini overnight oats

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