• Founded in 2019 in Montreal, Canada
  • Woman & Minority owned
  • Created by a registered dietitian

About Us

Yumi Organics is a Canadian company that re-invented breakfast by offering a stress-free way to treat others to a tasty and fulfilling breakfast. We make healthy eating easily accessible and a no-brainer choice!

With our overnight oats, you can prepare your breakfast for the entire week in just 3 simple steps and maintain a healthy habit that is both simple and delicious. Just wake up to a grab-and-go breakfast you won’t ever skip as it requires no cooking, no heating, and no mess.

OUR MISSION: To create better-for-you products that build healthy eating habits and support sustainable routines. It’s not just about creating a healthy product, it’s about creating a product that people can build into a realistic, long-term habit that fits well into a busy lifestyle.