Why you should exercise beyond weight loss

Why you should exercise beyond weight loss

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Contributed by Anne-Josie Roy, Nutritionnist & Fitness coach


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Move to optimize your body AND your mind!

When it comes to exercise, some people imagine that in order to work out, you absolutely have to go to the gym! Yet, there is nothing further from the truth.

Of course, if you like the gym, that's great and it's a great option for taking care of your body. Going to the gym regularly for muscle building exercises as well as cardio is great.

However, there are so many other options available to us and we must keep in mind that movement, in ALL its forms, is our insurance policy for living long and with a high quality of life.

This is actually the ULTIMATE gift for your body!

Here's what movement does for your body:

  • Helps normalize your blood sugar (which keeps you healthy and prevents the development of diabetes)
  • Has a positive impact on your hormonal system
  • Promotes good sleep (which not only helps to feel more energetic on a daily basis but also in healthy weight management)
  • Has a positive impact on your mood and your self-confidence
  • Keeps the development of chronic diseases away, such as psychiatric disorders, heart disease, diabetes and cancer
  • Makes you stronger, fitter, and the best version of yourself.

If you want to enjoy optimal health, be full of energy and vitality, exercise is THE key to success! Our body was created to MOVE, to mobilize, to be in action physically and this, daily.

Nowadays, we are mostly sedentary because of our lifestyle. We usually work in a seated position, we spend several hours at the computer or in the car and manual or physically demanding work on a daily basis is becoming increasingly rare! For your part, do you move a good 30 to 60 minutes every day?

Studies now prove that it is crucial for your health to be active every day. We MUST put our body in action. Get active! In the name of our well-being. In fact, it is as important as breathing or eating!

Having said that, I promise you that if it hasn't happened to you before, at some point you will find something that you really like or at the very least that contributes so much to your quality of life that you will hang on to it. For pleasure…. or for the results!

Whether it's a little workout routine at home, a visit to the gym to start the day (or to end it!), Biking, running, walking on the treadmill or outdoors, yoga or even joining a dance class or any other type of exercise, it's a MUST.

This is why I wanted to talk to you about this subject which fascinates me so much today.

Remember that every effort you put in is 100% worth it! You deserve the best possible quality of life.

Good success!

Anne-Josie Roy Dt.P Professional Dietitian and Sports Coach certified in personal training

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