Can I change the date that my subscription gets shipped?

Yes, you can easily change the date your subscription gets shipped! This will also affect the date you will get billed, and subsequent boxes will be sent on that day. 🚚

1. Login to your account


2. Once logged in, click “Manage Subscription”

3. Under “Actions”, click “Edit”.


4. Click “Change next charge date”


Select the desired date. Please note the date format is YYYY-MM-DD.

5. Save the new charge date

Your order will now ship at the date you specified, and subsequent orders will ship on that day on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, according to your subscription frequency.

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1. Overnight oats are a quick and easy source of fibre.

Raw oats are an amazing source of prebiotics, the food for your probiotic healthy gut bacteria. This includes both soluble and insoluble fibres, as well as higher levels of resistant starches when whole grain oats are left uncooked. This means that overnight oats are a fantastic way to support a healthy heart and a healthy gut! The amount of fibre also keeps you feeling full for longer and helps with balancing weight control. By the way, a serving of Yumi Oats gives you 24% of your daily value of fibre! 

2. Overnight oats can help increase your metabolism.

Ok, so raw oats are not some magical cure-all. To maintain a healthy metabolism, you need to keep up a healthy diet and lifestyle. But, adding overnight oats to your day is a great way to get you on track to a higher metabolism! Raw oats are full of beta-glucan, a fibre that will help control and suppress your appetite, and proteins that help you resist unhealthy snacks.  Raw oats also have some of the highest levels of thiamine (Vitamin B1) found in food. Thiamine plays an important role in keeping your metabolism in check, so make sure you’re getting in your daily value!

3. Overnight oats can reduce cholesterol levels.

Like with carbs, there are good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterols. While you want to have a good HDL cholesterol level, it’s important to manage your diet well and reduce LDL cholesterol. The insoluble fibre in raw oats shines yet again as it can prevent LDL cholesterol absorption by the bloodstream which reduces your risk of heart disease or failure. If you’re worried about high cholesterol, skip the greasy breakfast fry-up and try ourBanana-Nut Overnight Oatsinstead. Your heart will thank you!

4. Overnight oats are rich in iron, zinc, & magnesium.

Iron, zinc, and magnesium are all essential for maintaining essential bodily functions, including hormone balance, muscle health and repair, the immune system, and energy levels. Miss out on any of these for too long, and your body will let you know with headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and a bunch of other nasty warnings. Stop it before it starts by using raw oats as a supplement! For a mineral replenishing post-workout meal, go for our Guilt-free Chocolate Overnight Oats topped with chia seeds to maximize your zinc intake.


  • Founded in 2019 in Montreal, Canada
  • Woman & Minority owned
  • Created by a registered dietitian

About Us

Yumi Organics is a Canadian company that re-invented breakfast by offering a stress-free way to treat others to a tasty and fulfilling breakfast. We make healthy eating easily accessible and a no-brainer choice!

With our overnight oats, you can prepare your breakfast for the entire week in just 3 simple steps and maintain a healthy habit that is both simple and delicious. Just wake up to a grab-and-go breakfast you won’t ever skip as it requires no cooking, no heating, and no mess.

OUR MISSION: To create better-for-you products that build healthy eating habits and support sustainable routines. It’s not just about creating a healthy product, it’s about creating a product that people can build into a realistic, long-term habit that fits well into a busy lifestyle.