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Single - Yumi 30 Kit

Single - Yumi 30 Kit

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     Our Yumi 30 Kit has been created to set you up for a month of success. It’s time to kickstart your easiest and healthiest morning routine ever.


      By choosing up to 6 items, you can create a customized breakfast kit with your favourite Yumi products. Plus, you receive 6 free jars with your first order.

      Enjoy up to 30 breakfasts for $55.99. Only $1.87 per breakfast. What are you waiting for? ;)

      Blueberry Vanilla: Whole grain rolled oats*, Cane sugar*, Wild blueberries, Apple, Natural flavour. *Organic.

      Dark Choco: Whole grain rolled oats*, Cane sugar*, Cacao nibs, Banana, Cocoa powder. *Organic.

      Maple Cranberry: Whole grain rolled oats*, Cranberry (Cranberry, Sugar, Sunflower oil), Cane sugar*, Maple sugar*, Natural maple flavour. *Organic.

      Apple Cinnamon: Whole grain rolled oats*, Cane sugar*, Apple, Zante currant raisins (Raisins, Sunflower oil), Cinnamon, Natural flavour. *Organic.

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      Why Overnight Oats?

      Maximum health benefits

      Heat degrades B-vitamins and antioxidants in oats, so eating them cold preserves more nutrients for your gut. 

      Boost your immune system

      The vitamins and antioxidants in oats are scientifically proven to keep your immune system happy.

      Kickstart you healthy routine

      Yumi oats are a great breakfast, snack, or dessert to keep you healthy at home.


      Yumi Overnight Oats are a Nutritional Powerhouse

      Created by a registered dietician, each ingredient was carefully selected to give you the antioxidant and vitamin boost needed to improve your energy and health. Simply spend 30 seconds preparing them the night before, or prepare 5 jars on the weekend, and you'll wake up to a delicious and nourishing breakfast.

      Only 210 calories.

      Less than 6g of sugar.

      Loaded with essential vitamins, antioxidants, protein, and fibre to fuel your body with good energy it deserves!


      Your Yumi Jar

      No measuring. No clean-up. No failed overnight oats.

      Simply follow the lines on your Yumi jar to get the perfect proportions and texture. Add toppings of your choice for some extra calories or crunch. Et voilà ! It must be the easiest way to get all your nutrients!

      Our leak-proof jar is perfect to grab & go as you run out the door. 


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 209 reviews
      Sondra S.

      I love these delicious healthy meals. It’s perfect for my busy lifestyle, it tastes great and it’s healthy. So happy

      Liana S.

      I used to hate oatmeal until my mother-in-law gave me a box of your maple cranberry oats. I was hooked at first jar and now 6 our of 7 days a week I have this for breakfast. I fill the jar with fresh fruit and enjoy it every morning. Can't wait for more flavors.

      Rowena D.

      It was introduced by a friend and so I tried it and instantly love it. I ordered the kit and always have 3 bottles ready in the fridge and my son started to eat it too and every now and then I prep for us. Easy grab and go. Now running out of boxes so I need to order more.

      Adam H.

      Been eating Yumi oats every morning for almost 2 years now. Love the subscription service to ensure that I always have my breakfast ready and I don't need to add it to my grocery list.
      The oats are so tasty with almond milk, that's my go to.

      Trish F.

      Easy to order, great choice of flavours, super easy to prep - perfect start to my day! And I know I am giving my body good food and good energy.