5 Reasons You Need to Try Matcha Overnight Oats for Breakfast Tomorrow

I’m a notorious breakfast skipper, but the matcha overnight oats from Yumi are a serious game changer. Think a matcha latte in a jar with serious creamy matcha-y goodness. If you need more reasons to give them a try, here are 5:

1- Skip the Morning Coffee

The complex carbs in oats will provide you with a sustained source of energy all morning. Plus, the matcha will give you as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, without the jitters.

2- Load up on antioxidants

Oats and matcha are both loaded with antioxidants, and work together to protect your body from the free-radicals that cause inflammation and ageing!

3- Tastes amazing

Iced matcha latte anyone? the complex bitter notes of green tea and our lightly sweetened oats are a match made in heaven.

4- Save time in the morning

These oats can be prepared in less than 30 seconds the night before,saving you a ton of time in the morning. So go ahead and hit the snooze button, but then again you might be too excited for breakfast.

5- Double the health boosting nutrients

Matcha and oats are rich in fiber, vitamins, and nutrients (including iron, zinc and magnesium) and pairing them allows you to double down on these essential nutrients that play key roles, including hormone balance, bone strength and immunity.

Bonus: the jar is too cute

While this isn’t technically a reason to try the matcha oats, the jar is worth a mention. It has lines on the side to show you how much oats and milk to add. Could it get any easier?

The lines on the Yumi jar tell you how much milk to add

Verdict? The matcha oats are a 10/10 must try. Use the code MATCHA at checkout to get a free box of matcha oats in your order.

Looking for some matcha recipe inspo? Our Matcha & Apple Overnight Oats recipe is the perfect way to start your morning routine right!