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Daniele Vani - YUMi Author McGill Masters Dietitian

Daniele Vani

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the perfect analogy to describe my dual personality in the kitchen. I’m a food lover and ex-restaurant cook who is pursuing a Master’s in Dietetics at McGill University. Preparing a meal to please my personas is a balancing act. I’ve found that moderation is the best way to strike a balance between preparing healthy and delicious food. In my opinion, healthy eating is not defined by the foods we choose to include or exclude from our diet, but rather by the diversity of foods we include and portions in which we choose to indulge in.
Jamie Lee- YUMi Author McGill Dietitian

Jamie Lee

Jamie is a fourth-year dietetics student from McGill University who enjoys engaging into conversation with others about nutrition. She also likes to keep herself busy with ongoing personal projects, cooking and filmmaking. Nutrition is something that is becoming more and more relevant in today’s society, so reading up on it here is the way to go!
Mika Rogers - YUMi Author McGill Food Science and Nutrition

Mika Rogers

I am a U2 student at McGill University, currently majoring in Food Science and Nutrition with a minor in Ecological Agriculture. I have a passion for healthy eating and I love being creative in the kitchen with whole plant-based foods. Another passion that I have discovered recently is gardening, which has given me a whole new perspective on food. In a world where farming and the value of our food is increasingly being lost, I believe that it is important to become aware of the impact of our food choices and our connection with the earth. Aside from cooking, I am an outdoor enthusiast – in my spare time I enjoy traveling, camping, canoeing, trail running and mountain/road biking. In the future I hope to combine my interest in nutrition and farming to help others be more mindful of their eating habits and impact on the environment by acknowledging the process of germination all the way to consumption.

Valerie Ivanova - YUMi Author McGill Nutritionist

Valerie Ivanova

Meri Markaryan - YUMi Author McGill Dietitian

Meri Makaryan

Coucou! I’m Meri and I am a first year Dietetics student at McGill. I discovered a strong interest for nutrition a few years ago and not long after that, I decided to follow a vegan lifestyle. From then on, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. My dream would be to sensitize people on veganism for the good of our planet, our health and all the lovely animals. I was also struck by the wanderlust, so I would definitely love to give conferences while travelling around the world.  Everyone should have hopes and dreams, but for now, I’m here to serve you all the knowledge I have and share my passion for nutrition with you.Wiedersehen!
Aakansha Gupta - YUMi Author McGill Masters Dietitian

Aakansha Gupta

Aakansha is currently a student at McGill University pursuing master’s in human nutrition - Dietetics Credentialing program. She has completed her undergrad in the field of Food and Nutrition with a major in Dietetics and has some experience of working in a hospital set up as a part of her undergrad internship.
She is a strong believer of 'moderation is key'. Her aim is to enable people to make healthy nutrition choices for themselves. Baking and travelling are her to go things in her free time.

Donna Jiang - YUMi Author McGill Dietitian

Donna Jiang

I'm a dietetics student at McGill.I love foods of all kinds, as well as drawing and rainy days.come from China where a lot of amazing dishes are originated, andI continue to explore foods from other countries, where I've fallen in love with laksa and pastel de nata. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the long winters in Montreal, but I've decided to embrace it.On rainy and snowy days I use my daily calorie intake to probe into nutrition, to draw, to play guitar and to learn to parler en Francais.